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Earn money by www.visionaddworld.com. Its a ptc site like others but if you want to join in this site you have to payment to this site.In this site now have an offer if you payment them 10 USD now they will give you a visionaddworld username and password for work on visionaddworld.After getting ID you can log in and you will find 50 Adds per day or 40 Adds.If you click all adds in a day then visionaddworld team pay you 1 usd for clicking.but if you payment them 10 USD they will give you simple account.

How to make my account Upgrated: Its easy you can start with 100 USD then you can withdraw money after 15 days from joining.If you Pay 10 USD then you have to pay them 90 USD by doing work on visionaddworld.

After complete payment then you can withdraw money from visionaddworld
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Here you can refer and you can earn more money by reffering your friend as like MLM system,so what are you waiting for?join today!
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Enter Username & Email Address then complete your payment. we will sent you visionaddworld  Password by your email .

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If you refer someone directly then you will gain one USD for direct refer.If you got matching in your two hands then you will earn 1 USD more for matching in your two hands on it.If your friends open an account by 100 USD then you will Earn 10 USD from his/her Instantly.If your friend open an account in visionaddworld by 10 USD you will earn 1 USD Instant and after his upgration you will earn more USD from your friend who opened account by 10 USD.Its so much easy way to earn more.you can withdraw your money in anytime if your account already upgrated and if you have minimum 20 USD in your account.

Per day 1.5 USD earn by viewing Adds.So join today t www.visionaddworld.com and earn money and money from here and there.

Thank You for being with us.Contact with me for join in www.visionaddworld.com   @ worldbonecare@gmail.com

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